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Organic Microgreens - Spice Up Your Life!

Organic Microgreens - Spice Up Your Life!

Spicy, delicious, nutrient dense microgreens from Gorge Greens - 4 oz compostable clamshell
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Supercharge your next meal! 

Kick your digestive system into high gear with this radical ensemble of spicy rainbow radishes, pea shoots, purple kohlrabi and kale! This easy-to-use superfood lets you add a handful to any sandwich, eggs, bowl, salad, stew, soup or wrap and increase your meal's nutrient content by 4-40x* with barely any effort. 

Good for up to two weeks in the fridge!

ATTN: If you purchase this product for delivery to one of our drop points (except home delivery), you must pickup your order on the day it is delivered. We only have freezers for meat at our drop points so if you order meat AND fresh products (veggies, mushrooms, cheese, etc), your whole order, including frozen meat, will NOT be under refrigeration. Please look for your "order packed" email for additional information.

From Gorge Greens:

We grow certified organic microgreens using "smartfarming" technology including sensors and AI to control conditions.Our delicious blends are created by chefs and herbalists to support body systems such as the lymph, digestive and blood-cleaning systems. The broccoli seed we plant was bred in partnership with Johns Hopkins University to contain more than 200x a sulfur compound that helps cells detoxify. We aim to harvest within 24 hours of delivery to maximize freshness - which lasts a good two weeks in refrigeration. We are dedicated to bringing the freshest, most nutritious microgreens to our community which is why we say they’re “mindfully grown” in the Columbia Gorge.

Our packaging is compostable in a hot-composting facility or backyard compost. There are no municipal hot-composting facilities in our area so please either compost at home or reuse the container for cold leftovers or storage of bits and bobs. They make great storage containers! 

*Although small in size, microgreens have higher concentrations of bioactive compounds, antioxidants, vitamins and up to 40 times more vital nutrients, than their mature greens or seeds (Treadwell et al., 2010; Xiao et al., 2012).


Contains zesty rainbow radishes, organic pea shoots, kale, and purple kohlrabi.