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Sleeping Beauty Cheese

Sleeping Beauty Cheese

Quarter Wheel appx. 1lb
$20.95/lb. Avg. 1 lb.
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Sleeping Beauty:

Rich and buttery with flavors of grass and herbs and a tangy finish. Like its namesake, a legendary beauty that came between two Cascadian peaks, this cheese can move mountains.  (Raw, certified organic, aged in a lava tube cave.)

All our cheeses are certified organic, raw, cave aged cheeses. Cascadia Creamery uses certified organic cow's milk to make an array of artisan cheeses that age in a special aging room built inside a lava tube cave.This natural cave has the perfect temperature and humidity for ripening cheese.  Our cheeses are the product of heritage jersey cows and the minerally rich, snow capped Cascade Mountains where they live - a true reflection of Cascadia terrior.