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Pig Butchery Workshop - (Feb. 16th)

Pig Butchery Workshop - (Feb. 16th)

How to process a whole pig!
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This workshop will focus on butchering a whole pig and breaking it down into cuts that you can use in your kitchen. Every student will get a hands on experience learning how each cut can be prepared as well as making sausage. 

Date: Sunday, February 16th
Time: 9am-5pm
Where: Treebird Farm, 573 Sunnyside rd, Trout Lake, WA. 

Michael Kelly will lead the workshop starting with a farm tour and there will be plenty of opportunities throughout the workshop for questions about raising and butchering livestock as well as general discussion on how to create a resilient local food system.

Along with learning all the basic cuts of a pig, this workshop will also give you the fundamental knowledge of how to butcher any 4 legged animal including wild game. Every student will also make their own batch of sausage which you will be able to take home. 

Only 10 spots are available in each class so book now!
(Please order this "product" as a separate order from any meat and disregard the automated email that will list a delivery date. I will follow up with you about a week before the workshop).

This workshop is butchery only and does not include slaughter except in general outline and discussion.

We also have another workshop Friday, November 15th if you can't make this one.

A $50 Deposit will be charged at the time of order processing (please enter credit card info of pat at market or on farm). The remaining balance will be due on the day of the workshop.