All of our meat is cut fresh (never frozen) unless otherwise noted.
Half Hog Share

Half Hog Share

Custom Cut, Price Includes Base Butchering
$5.95/lb. Avg. 110 lb.
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THESE SHARES ARE FOR RESERVATION ONLY. Order now to reserve your share. Can take 3-6+ weeks for processing 

You will not be charged until we schedule your cutting date. A 50% deposit may be due at that time.


As the butcher, I will go over each cut with you to make sure you get the meat the works best for your family.

Typical cuts include: Chops, shoulder roast, fresh ham, pork belly (for bacon), and ground pork, and pork bones. Each cut will be sized just for your kitchen.

Our average hanging weight per half pig is 110 lb but this can vary by 25+ pounds depending on time of year and what we have available.

List Price is based on hanging weight and includes the half hog, slaughter, and basic cutting fees.

Flavored Bulk Sausage - Add $2.00/lb
Link Sausage and Bacon - Add $3.00/lb

You will receive 75-90% Of your hanging weight in finished product depending on what cuts you want (bones, fat, etc).

All custom meat will be vacuum sealed and labeled with your name and is not for resale. 

MUST BE PICKED UP ON FARM IN TROUT LAKE, WA - NOT AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY OR IN STORE PICKUP except special needs. Due to limited freezer space, we may ask you to pick up your order fresh.