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Pork Sampler Share (Pre-order)

Pork Sampler Share (Pre-order)

Sausage, Chops, and More!
$7.99/lb. Avg. 10 lb.
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Fresh, Local, Custom Cut just for You from pigs born, raised, and processed on our Farm.

Average 10 pound Sampler Share Will Include:

3 Packs Sausage 
-2 Pork Chops 

-2 Packs Ground Pork
-1 Shoulder or Leg Roast (You can specify in the order comments if you have a preference)

Please allow 2-4 weeks until delivery for us to process your order. You will get an email notification when your order is processed and scheduled for delivery. If you need something right away, please contact us and we will see what we can do (especially for larger orders). 

Listed Price is $2.37 per pound "On the hoof" (live weight, average is 16.75 pounds per share), plus $4 Per Pound (about 10 pounds) of Processing Fees. You get about 60% Of live weight as finished product so you will end up with close to 10 pounds of pork at about $7.97 per pound. Since each pig is different, total weight may vary by up to 2.5 pounds per share. Your account will only be charged once your order is processed and ready for pickup or delivery. By purchasing this hog share, you are authorizing Treebird Farm to group you with other farm club members to split a whole hog and are hereby giving your cutting instructions to have your share custom processed into the above listed cuts. Processing will be in our own WSDA licensed facility on onsite, is not listed for resale and can only be delivered to homes and drop points in Washington State (OREGON RESIDENTS can select a WA drop point in Bingen or Vancouver).