Pastured Pork, Free Range Chicken, Grass Fed Beef.


Forage Fed (Grass Fed)

Did you know that grazing animals don't just eat grass? Our grass-fed grazing animals (cows and sheep) forage on a variety of grasses, weeds (herbaceous plants), dried plant matter and woody plants (trees and bushes) that grow in diverse pastures.

We focus on supplying a diet that our animals would find in their natural setting.

In late summer, when plants have gone to seed, they eat a balanced diet of fibrous grasses and high-energy grass seeds.

In winter, when snow covers the ground, they forage for plants under the snow and their diet is supplemented with hay, a traditional and widely-used animal feed made of sun-dried plants.

In spring and fall they eat fresh green grasses balanced with either hay or young tree shoots.

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Traceable and Transparent

We know where your meat comes from so you can, too. We invite you to come out and see for yourself.

The majority of our products are raised right here on our farm. We also partner with our local farmer friends at times to bring you a wider array of products. These products will always be labeled with their origin farm. We only work with farmers who we trust and who welcome us on their farm to personally verify the conditions for their animals.

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Free of Antibiotics, Hormones, and GMOs

We are committed to remaining GMO-Free and we do not use Hormones or Antibiotics EVER.

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North American Grown Feed

We are committed to sourcing our feed primarily from the Pacific Northwest and sometimes greater North America. Grains from overseas often cannot be trusted, plus there is a huge carbon footprint to ship all that grain around the planet (and it's not necessary!).

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Responsibly Grown: Care of Earth

We manage our pastures to reduce manure run-off into waterways and to maximize absorption of water and nutrients.

We work with the earth's natural cycles whenever possible.

We encourage diversity of plants, animals and wildlife on our farm.

We do not till the soil to replant our pastures, which kills soil microbes, destroys soil tilth and requires the use of machinery to till, prep and replant seeds. Instead we let the plants reseed themselves naturally.

We use strategic watering practices to conserve water and electricity - we've reduced our water by 60% compared to our past and other farms in our area.

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Our animals are raised open pastures and rotated throughout the year. In general, pasture-raised animals have higher Omega-3s (that's a good thing!). Also, pork raised outdoors is naturally high in vitamin D!

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Cascadia Grown Feed

From grains and grasses grown and processed in Cascadia (PNW).

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Harvested On-Farm

We believe that animals should be harvested where they spend most of their life (on farm) because that is where they feel comfortable and relaxed. This makes for a stress-free harvest and the best quality product. 

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No Auctions, No Feedlots

Animals thrive in their natural environments - on pasture and with familiar sounds, smells, and company.

Our meat is never sent to an auction or stuffed onto a feedlot to fatten up on garbage food.

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No Synthetic Fertilizers, Pesticides, or Herbicides

We never use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides on our fields. 

Better for the earth, better for people, and better for the animals.

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