We're YOUR Farmers! 

We are the family (and animals!) who make TreeBird Farm possible. One thing that sets us apart? A love for the best local foods we can get! We're thrilled to be raising some of that food ourselves and sharing it with you! Thanks for visiting us.

Our passion is raising the highest quality, planet-friendly protein that we can with permaculture and sustainable agriculture practices. We, Michael and Rebecca, started the farm in 2012 after reading Joel Salatin's book "You Can Farm." We believed what we read and dove right into raising meat chickens. From there we added pigs, cattle and eggs. We've also had little forays into ducks, turkeys, goats and lamb, but each year we refine and tweak our products to best serve our customers and utilize the resources we have available. We've settled into raising the highest quality beef, pork, chicken, and eggs we can, while also sourcing high-quality beef and lamb from our neighbors.

  • Michael
    Owner, Farmer, Meatsmith
  • Rebecca
    Owner, Consultant, Web Design
  • Oly
    Livestock Guard Dog
  • The Treebird Family
    The Treebird Family