Are You in Search of Clean Food?

Whether you're looking for real food to heal your family or you believe the food you eat can be a tool for positive social change, you're in the right place. We believe life is better when we eat the very best nature has to offer -- and share it with our friends! 

We're excited to have you join us in making the world a better place. We look forward to sharing our bounty with you!

What Our Community Says

"These are the reasons that we love and support your farm. Local, sustainable, and with the highest of standards." 

- Ashleyanne, Farm Club Member

"We love your meat! Especially the T-bone steak, I crave that stuff, so tender and flavorful!" 

- Katie at

"Thanks so much for this. We are blown away by the quality of the pork we bought from you, although we realize we shouldn't be surprised at how good it is."  

- Brad, local meat lover

"We had the first of our pork share for dinner tonight: smoked ham. I added nothing to it, just heated it covered in the oven and poured the juices over it at the end. I think it was the best ham we've ever had. Delicious. I'm cooking some of the bacon in the morning."  

- Mike, long-time supporter