All of our meat is cut fresh (never frozen) unless otherwise noted.

Treebird Family Market
Open Daily 10am-7pm

106 HWY-35, Hood River

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Featured Products

Whole Chicken

ON SALE! Save $0.20/lb
$4.75/lb (4-6 pounds each)
Sale Whole Chicken

Pork Garlic Sausage

ON SALE! Save $1.00/lb
$8.95/lb (4 Links per Package)
SALE Pork Garlic Sausage

Mountain Laurel Eggs Large

$7.50/ea (1 dozen large eggs)
Sale Mountain Laurel Eggs Large

Kale Bunch

$3.50/ea (Organically grown)
Sale Kale Bunch

Sleeping Beauty Cheese

$20.95/lb (Quarter Wheel appx. 1lb)
Sale Sleeping Beauty Cheese

Blue Skies Sourdough Bread

$8.95/ea (Parbaked Blue Heaven Leaven)
Sale Blue Skies Sourdough Bread

"Keep doing exactly what you're doing, your products speak for themselves!"

- Kerry